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Christmas Gift Store - Innovative Christmas Present Ideas

The Christmas Gift Store is the first place to come to tackle the greatest problem associated with Christmas... Where can I get Christmas present ideas from? The gifts that you can find on this website are innovative and are sure to solve those problem presents for even the most difficult people to buy for. Browse our categories on the left, use our handy search tool or take a look at some random Xmas gift ideas below and get a sprinkle of inspiration...

Latest Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas present ideas

Want to Make Your Own Christmas Gift?

If you are intent on making your very own Christmas gift for that someone special then check out our very handy step-by-step guide.

What is the Christmas Gift Store?

Simply put we are the one-stop-shop for all of your Christmas present buying needs. We list products from other suppliers to ensure that we stay impartial and provide the best variety of gift ideas possible.

We offer everything from cheap Christmas bargains, offers, savings, sales, deals and discounts through to luxury gifts and novelty presents, plus everything inbetween including stocking fillers, gadgets, games, alcoholic gifts and a whole lot more.

If it's last minute presents that you're after then don't despair, many of the gifts in our store are available for fast delivery and if you're really struggling then there are of course gift cards that provide an instant solution.

Most importantly relax and have a Merry Christmas! Find out more on our about us page.

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If you want to get your products listed on our website or have any queries please visit our contact page.

Learn about Christmas

What is Christmas?

Christmas is an annual holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ and usually falls on the 25th December. It is celebrated by billions of people around the world from different faiths and cultures.

Facts about Christmas

  • Traditional customs practised during the Christmas period include gift giving, listening to Christmas themed music, carol sining, the exhange of Christmas cards, a special Christmas meal with the family, decorations and Christmas trees.
  • The fixed date as December 25th for Christmas was first proposed at the Council of Nicaea in AD325.
  • AD354 is the first recorded date of a celebration of Christmas on 25th December.
  • The total number of gifts presented in The Twelve Days of Christmas adds up to 364, almost one a day for the entire year.
  • In 1913, a New York couple were arrested and fined $15 for kissing in the street on Christmas Day.
  • Scientists have calculated that Santa would have to visit an incredible 822 homes a second to deliver all the world's presents on Christmas Eve, travelling at a speed of 650 miles a second.